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The Site/Service provides information relating to financial and investment issues from time to time. All information provided and disseminated on the Site including the recommendations, provided on the Site are for information and educational purposes to enable the User(s) to make prudent financial decisions.

In case the User(s) avail the various paid membership services offered on the Site by KingsTrading , various recommendations, opinions, suggestions may be made available to such User(s) to enable them in taking relevant decisions.

The information including recommendations, opinions, suggestions disseminated on the Site/Membership being merely recommendatory in nature are aimed at providing mass customer customization service. The said recommendations, opinions, suggestions made are based upon the calculations, opinions and analysis undertaken by KingsTrading  and may be accompanied with analysis notes from time to time.

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No claims or guarantees of return of Investment in the equity markets or derivatives markets are made by us. Our membership is helpful for learning concepts. Please practice risk management and capital Protection as per your financial advisor.
Kings Trading is not Responsible for Your decisions and Investment, Profit and loss in Market. Please consult and confirm with your investment and financial advisor for all Trades and Investment

Kings Trading is neither a Portfolio Manager, Broker, Sub-broker and nor is it registered with any stock exchange. It does not manage the User’s funds but merely recommends Users to Security Market Levels For Learning Purpose Only . Kings Trading does not come under the purview of the SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations 1993 or SEBI (Stock Brokers and Sub Brokers) Regulations 1992.